Beauty by Contrast EP

by Soul Low



released September 29, 2010



all rights reserved


Soul Low Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rock music for non-rock appreciators.




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Track Name: Airspace
I am a bird, I am a male bird
I'm all alone in my nest, ugly at best thats for sure
I'll be pretty and I'll lead you on
cuz Im a birde who lives on his own.

I hold my pride in painting these skies
but my colors aren't loud they blend in with these clouds, bathroom tiles
And I hope someday I'll live in a cage
So why I won't have to go home to my nest alone
Track Name: Work it Off
The mirror is staring back at me, screaming f-f-f-fattie
I would diet but I'm afraid
This is too much for the fourth grade

I hope my friends don't notice
I hop the girls don't see
My body's growing sideways
A brand new pair of titties

Maybe I'll grow out my hair so that you won't be there
so that I won't see you stare at the weight that I bare
Put in the garbage bin whats hiding under my skin
I wanna take this off, I wanna work it on off

(Chorus)Work it off
I said work it off (x2)
Work it off

Now my hairs grown long and my body's, it's strong
But my brain stays the same
I guess some things don't change

So I hope my girls don't notice, I hope my girls don't see
What's hiding under my skin, what's hiding under the seaweed
I wanna work it off



I said I hope my girls don't notice, I hope my girls don't see
My body's growin sideways
A brand new pair of..


I hope my girls don't...
Track Name: Maria
Can I get some rest ma'am? Can I go down?
Can I take off these weary hands, let me take off these now?
Why can't you feel me, while I'm half asleep?
Why do you bring me here and now look at me?

(Chorus) Maria, Maria, Maria you've got no soul
You're so cold you've lost it, it went down the fauset
You've grown cold

These rubber hands help me a lot
Keeps my stick dry when its wet, keep them cool when it gets hot
But my soul can't see through this thing
Jesus Christ is lookin at me and he looks ashamed

(Chorus x2)

(Exotic bird noises)

Hey! (30+ times, or so)

(Chorus x3)
Track Name: Beauty by Contrast
Ooooooooo ooooooo (x2)

We're just a coin, with two sides
I'm on his, you're not on mine
The girls will find us in time
because yours and mine can't collide
And 'sorry' is not what she needs
And screaming won't succeed
Take JMB, take MBB, take CJB, and SAB

Ooooooooo ooooooo (x2)

I'd never come back and then I did
I didn't crack but I'm still sick
Take my words, take nothing else
cuz I'll use you to hit myself
You are young and I am old
And I'll sing out my whole soul
So that you'll know not to be scared
I'll be there, I'll be there

Ooooooooo ooooooo (x2)

When I looked at you I started to cry
When you asked me how come, all my lines had run dry

Ooooooooo ooooooo (x2)